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The semester is coming to an end! With that being said this is the most important time! It’s crunch time college students!

I find that this is usually the time in the semester when I am the least motivated and most stressed out; like my anxiety be on 10. I'm pretty sure I am not alone which is why this is my topic for today's article. We only have 2 more weeks, do not panic. It seems as though this is a time in the semester when we start not to care yet were still panicking over our grades. I understand that it can be so hard to stay motivated when you feel defeated as if you’ve been taking L’s all semester… which we probably have but that's not just college, that's life too. Whether it be your first semester, second third or your last.. Each one has a valuable lesson and whether you believe it or not you are learning and growing everyday! You’re learning about yourself, about the world, your learning style, relationships and life in general. College is kind of like pre-real life in a sense. We have the freedom that adults do but not as many responsibilities and expectations. We’re still super young so we have that as an excuse to party every weekend and make bad choices. It’s awesome if you look at it that way. Do whatever you want it's your life lol. But seriously your L’s are so much more than losses; they’re necessary learning experiences. At this point in our life were so young and bound to make mistakes so it is not something we should trip over.


This is the point in the semester where you need to be focused on one thing and that's your grades. After all we do pay all this money to take these classes so even if you are at a stand still and failing all your classes put in as much effort as you can for these last two weeks! There is still time to save your grades if you just focus. Talk to your professors because that’s what they are there for. Make it a priority to get all your work done in advance so you have plenty of time to chill out and relax. Don’t stress yourself out to the point where you have no balance because that will wear you out mentally and physically. Do your work first, please. Study first, please and then do as you want. You will thank yourself in the long run.

Even if you don't meet the goals you had planned for the semester, its okay. Don’t beat yourself up about everything. The fact that you’re even in college is a win. The fact that you are here putting in the effort when you’re burnt out and exhausted is a win sis. Think back on all the people you’ve met, friends you’ve made and experience you had… you’ve done a lot! College is an amazing time despite all the stress. In all reality it’s supposed to be stressful. If it wasn't stressful then everyone would be doing it. Nothing worth having comes easy so keep your head up kid and remember who you are and why you’re here. 


Honestly, you’re already winning and you can do this. Keep going boo!





Simone Sanders

Georgia Southern '21

I am a writer for HC at Georgia Southern University.
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