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Drinking Out of Two Cups: Your Meals for the Day?!  


It may sound crazy to only drink out of two 64 ounce mason jars for a day, but it is efficient. Juicing is basically placing produce in a kitchen appliance, called of course, a juicer and making juice out of the nutrients that are taken from the produce.


Who in their right mind would not eat for days and just drink juice?


The ultimate outlook for juicing is to intake more vegetables than fruit.



4 apples

½ lemon

4 carrots



I would not recommend drinking juices and nothing else, but I will say that I have done it (with the exception of healthy fats: cashews, Brazilian nuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.) As long as you eat clean along with juicing, you should be fine. Besides, doctors recommend that you eat (clean) while juicing. Juicing comes with many benefits such as the following:


  • If you’re not into all the fruits and veggies of the world, this is an easy way to incorporate them into your diet.


  • You lose weight.


  • Juicing can jumpstart a healthier diet


  • Your body obtains many micronutrients with juicing


  • It helps the body detox. 
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