Joshua Crump: The Top CFO on Campus





Name: Joshua Crump

Major: Journalism, Economics Minor

Classification: Junior

Zodiac: Libra

Turn On/Turn off:

Turn On: Classy, intelligent, able to make me laugh. Has goals/plans for herself, family-oriented.

Turn Off: Loudmouth; females who are constantly negative.

Relationship Status: Single

Campus involvement: I’m been involved with BSA for 2 and a half years; serving as a previous president during Spring 2016 as well as the current Treasurer for this school year. In addition, I am now a member of the Model African Union and involved with Campus Ministry.  

What is it like being the Treasurer of one of the biggest organizations on campus?

It’s been a great experience thus far. It’s a big responsibility to handle a large sum of an organization's finances, and it definitely gives you a new perspective as far as budgeting for events and determining what things your organization can or can not afford.

Biggest accomplishment at Georgia Southern:

Leading the Black Student Alliance as a former President by far.

What I would tell freshman me:

I’d tell freshman me to not come into college with a relationship, never let anyone walk over you, continue to stay true to who you are, and enjoy every day you have out here because college goes by faster than you realize.

If you could save Rihanna or Beyonce off a sinking boat and you can only choose one, who are you picking and why?

This is tough. I’d have to save Beyonce. In my opinion, she sings better and looks better than Rihanna. Also, her husband is Jay Z, one of my favorite rappers, so I can’t let his wife sink.