How to Take the Perfect Selfie!

With the new school year ahead of us and a lot of information to retain, why not find out how to take the perfect selfie!

First thing is first! There are three things to remember in order to take the perfect selfie!

#1 is lighting, # 2 is timing, and # 3 is ANGLES!

Lighting is extremely important when taking the perfect selfie, because even the best photographers know that in order to get the best picture you must have the light hitting you without drowning you out. Sometimes this requires tricking the light you are in!


Well here is a trick! The best times to take a selfie is at 10am and 5pm! 10am is a great time, because that is the time we look most awake. Our face will look vibrant, eyes will look awake, and our skin will be glowing. 5pm, is right around when the sun is starting to set. The beautiful orange tones in the sky will aid in making your skin glow! You didn’t know that, did you? Well, thank me later!


Timing is also key, because the worst thing you can do is take a selfie at an awkward moment! With school starting up, please do not take a selfie in the classroom while your professor is teaching. Promise that is the quickest way to get kicked out of class! Not only will you miss the lesson for that day, you will be sure to get laughed at or maybe even stared at!


Selfies tend to come off self-centered, so refrain from taking selfies in a serious situation. To be honest, selfies come out better when you aren’t trying so hard!

Angles are honestly another big important tip, because certain angles will always come off more flattering. I am here to give the solution to any bad selfie days! It should be known that if you take a picture on the top right you will look more flattering versus taking a picture directly in the center. Unless you have a perfect symmetrical face, it is best to always use angles!

One last tip! When it comes to makeup be sure to apply in regular sunlight so in your pictures your neck won’t be darker than your face, or vice versa!

That being said, hope this was a great guide to selfie success! Let’s have a great academic year and don’t forget to stop and take a selfie once in awhile to cherish the moment!