How to Practice Confidence Like a Boss

One of the top best feelings a person can have is confidence. On the flip side, confidence is a common thing to struggle with, especially as you get older, however it is your best friend.

Here are 5 practices that can help increase your confidence level:

#1 Speak like you mean it. This means speaking up, both in pitch and out of fear. Talk like you KNOW you deserve to be heard. Speak as if your voice is its own person. Start to open your mouth when you think of a cool idea. If you speak with confidence, more people will feel inclined to listen.

#2 Walk as if you are on a runway at New York Fashion Week. Walk like you want people to stare because you are that boss. When you walk, do it with grace and strength. Walk as if your footsteps play the sweetest music. Walk like you know where you are going. And most important, make sure your head is up where it belongs.

#3 Uplift and encourage others. When you are confident, you don’t mind boosting the confidence of others. Give out compliments like your life depends on it because there were times when you needed to hear how good you looked today or how proud someone was of you. Once you start to experience the gift of self-confidence, you want others to experience it, too.

#4 Learn to accept everything about you. This includes the beauty mark you hate or the stretch marks you try to hide. Whether it’s your voice, height or hair, learn how to be comfortable enough to love everything that is you.

#5 Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself even when it’s hard or you don’t feel others believe in you. When you truly believe in you, someone else will be inspired by that and believe in you, too. Believe in your capabilities.  Know what exactly you want and how you want it. Trust yourself.