Homecoming Do's and Don'ts (Seriously, Don't)

YESSS! It’s my favorite time of the year! Not only is holiday season right around the corner but homecoming is staring us dead in the face! I love seeing my fellow college students stressing out about work due in advance just so they can turn up properly once homecoming official starts. It’s almost like we’re sharing the same experience…. *tear*. Anyway, just in case this is someone’s first time, here are the official do’s and don’t’s of homecoming week from yours truly:


The Don’ts


    Don’t wait the last minute to finish an assignment.

    Homecoming is an all week adventure that no one wants to miss out on. Therefore, GET

    YOUR WORK DONE! Homecoming only lasts a week, but a bad grade lasts an entire



    Don’t skip class.

    You saw what I typed in bold, right? Don’t do it. Professors love to assign pop quizzes

    and participation grades when we least expect it, so be prepared!


    Don’t be an idiot.

    Having fun is a priority during homecoming, but please put your safety first.


    Don’t drink and snap.

    Not everything should be posted on social media. Try not to embarrass yourself more

    than you already do.


    Don’t wait the last minute to get your party tickets

    Homecoming can get pretty expensive if you haven’t been budgeting for it, so don’t wait

    until prices for everything goes up!


The Do’s


    Think twice.

    It’s important to understand that you are responsible for your actions sober or not. You

    can be fun without being stupid.


    Get out of your comfort zone.

    If you’re at the right school then your homecoming week offers a lot more than just parties. There are volunteer opportunities, showcases, and even competitions. Do something different!


    Keep your phone charged.

    One last time, keep safety your priority. Anything could happen so make sure you can be

    reached at any time.



    You only get to experience college once, do it right! Get lit. Do a split.