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Disclaimer: Excuse the corny title, I couldn’t help myself. 

We all know what it means when fall comes around: food, food, FOOODDDD. From fairs to Halloween candy to all the holiday dinner we are constantly finding ways to stuff our faces. Every opportunity is one to eat: bonfire with your friends (smores), movie night with your S/O (pizza and popcorn), or any of the many family get togethers we have during this time of year (too much to even wrap my head around). This is definitely why layers are an essential part of fall/winter wardrobes, we need somewhere to hide the food baby after all those meals. For those of us who like to cook, this season holds a special place in our heart. It can be intimidating to compete with grandma’s macaroni but it’s also a good time to try creating that new dessert you saw on Pinterest back in July. Whether you’re hosting your first Friendsgiving in your apartment or you’re adding a dish to your family’s annual feast there are a few things we can all enjoy.  

Dressing/Stuffing: No matter what you call it that stove top, bird food does not cut it. This is a holiday staple in most homes deserves more than a box and water. This recipe may take a little more time but you can definitely taste all the extra love in it. 

If you are a part of a non-traditional thanksgiving this gives you the best of both worlds. The meatballs are appetizer style, but the apple cranberry flavor doesn’t let you forget what we’re celebrating.

This one is a little special. We all know it’s hard to be a vegetarian in the south every day. This is especially true during the holidays where, if your family is anything like mine, everything is cooked with pork. Try this out so you know at least one dish is safe for the family vegetarian.

We all need something sweet after eating our weight in traditional food for two hours straight. These cookies are not only the best of both worlds, but they’re super quick and easy to make.

Whether you decide to use one of these recipes or you have your own, enjoy your holiday feast-tivities (last time I promise) with the people you love!

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Nakia Woodley

Georgia Southern

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