Happiness & Hygge


Pronunciation /ˈhʊɡə//ˈh(j)uːɡə/


Hygge (pronounced hooga) is referred to as the Danish Art of Coziness. In essence, it means creating a warm atmosphere for yourself and enjoying the good things in life with people you consider good. The friends and family you surround yourself with = hygge! Eating soft, freshly baked cookies = hygge! The warm glow of a candle = hygge too! Hygge is the euphoric feeling of coziness (most of us) feel during the holidays!  Hygge is a philosophy; a way of life that has helped Danes understand the importance of simplicity, time to unwind and slowing down the pace of life.

I personally strive to create the feeling of hygge in my bedroom. Hygge is a concept from the Danes, but I think it would benefit us all to incorporate hygge in some aspect of our lives. It is a way of life that helps Danes put so much value on the importance of simplicity, time for introspection and slowing down to enjoy the peaceful moments of life. Being in college, it may seem difficult to find time for hygge in our ever busy schedules. However, here is a list of ways you can easily create that cozy, warm feeling of hygge in your lives:

  • Buy cozy slippers or socks
  • Invest in candles that you LOVE (Yes, Yankee Candle is expensive but they are slow burning and have you ever smelled “Soft Blanket”??)
  • Buy a super soft, oversized blanket/sweater/hoodie/yougetthegist
  • At night, lay in bed without your phone and with a hot mug of tea (I recommend Chamomile)
  • Pet a little puppy or kitten
  • Have a potluck with friends and family
  • Destress your bedroom! Designate any space for you as a stress/work free zone.  

Yes, college is busy, life in general is synonymous with stress sometimes. Hygge undermines this idea, illustrating that life and your personal wellbeing can be enhanced with the small things. Take time to enjoy the small things in life, smile, and feel hygge!