Group Halloween Costume Ideas: 2018 Edition

Halloween is 2 weeks away! You’ve probably be thinking of what you could be for Halloween or you have no idea at all. It’s okay because I’m gonna give you some ideas. (PS: to anyone who says you’re too old to dress up for Halloween they’re lame. Halloween costumes are even funner when you’re older). So here is a list of costumes for you and your friends, 2018 Edition.


  1. Good and Bad You and a bestie could be good and bad! Or you could even switch it up to be yin and yang.

  2. Stick Figures If you’re on social media you probably saw this video trending on Twitter and Instagram. I thought it was super cute, especially the little baby running. This would be super cool with a gang of college kids on a party night.

  3. Life Guards This is straight forward and simple, but super cute if you do it with a group of friends. You could carry whistles, pool supplies and life vest.

  4. Vampires You can buy fangs anywhere and fake blood. Also you could put in some contacts and wear all black or leather. Its 2018; we all have plenty of black clothes.

  5. The Black Panther Cast This is an obvious one, but there aren't many photos out yet because the movie just came out.

  6. Power Rangers All the people in college now grew up on this show. This one is for the 90’s babies.

  7. Teen Titans This is also another one that kids in college grew up on. Not the new Teen Titans go but the old one we all remember. This year I actually plan on being Starfire. I'm still looking for someone to be Beastboy and someone to be Robin.

  8. Powerpuff Girls This is another classic and fun costume to dress up as!

  9. Codename Kids Next Door If you don't get this, then you're too young. No tea, no shade. But seriously this is a dope group costume too! It’s not super hard to recreate either.

  10. M&M’s This is probably the cheapest and simplest of all them on the list and this can be sure cute. You could wear, dresses, crop tops or just simple T-shirts.

11. Fire and Ice

 This is another costume where you can do it with a bestie. Its cheap, easy and dope. 

12. Mean Girls

On Halloween, we wear pink. This is another classic. Who doesn't like a mean girl?

So whatever you dress up as this year, make sure you have fun. You're not too old for Halloween; it's just getting fun.