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Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend On Valentines Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

Why is it so hard to figure out what to get your boyfriend for valentines day? Every year there are tons of girls who are clueless as to what to get. Do we get them teddy bears? Do we get them chocolates? Do we buy them jewelry ? All these questions are repeatedly asked almost every year.


Women love chocolate, flowers, perfume, lingerie, and so on, but many will ponder and think what do guys like, and are they that easy to please? The answer is yes.

I feel as if sometimes girls are very oblivious to the fact that guys are just as easy to shop for when it comes to gifts just as we are. I mean yea boys won’t really know what to do with a big teddy bear or flowers but they do appreciate it. Although valentine’s day is coming up if you are still wondering what to get your boyfriend here are a list of things to get him.


  1. Underwear



Men appreciate underwear just as much as we appreciate lingerie. It does not specifically have to be ralph lauren so you can choose whatever. I feel like this is such an easy and satisfying idea that can be paired with pajamas to complete the whole gift.


    2. Gaming Controller



Whose boyfriend would not like a new game controller? Boys literally spend hours on the game system. Im sure they would love a new controller. There are even companies who will allow you to customize the new controller. You can get a new controller with you and your boo’s face or just your face on it. But if your one of those girls who hates that their boyfriend spends so much time on the game this might not be the best idea for you.


3. Customized Necklace


So girls love receiving jewelry for valentine’s day. Why not give your boyfriend jewelry too. A customized necklace with your name on it is a perfect way to show your boyfriend how much he means to you. You can customize it and put whatever you want it to say. You can even customize a necklace with your name on it so that you’ll always be remembered by that special someone.     

4. Cologne

Men love a good smelling cologne just like us. Buy him a cologne that you’ll both enjoy the scent of. You do not have to go above and beyond for the cologne you will get but if you are feeling generous you can even buy him the designer cologne.


5. Sportswear

Another good idea would be to buy your valentine some sportswear. If you have a boyfriend that plays any type of sport I’m sure he would love this gift, but that does not mean its limited to only sports players only. Sportswear is very comfy and is greatly needed for times of relaxation around the house or if your  going out in public and need to throw on a chill fit. Rather it be new gloves for football, new sleeves for basketball, socks, sweatpants, sweat suits, leggings, hoodies,or even new cleats they will love it.


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