The Game of Love and Chance

“Pure farce! There’s no depth to it, it’s just funny. It’s just people being silly.” – Lisa Abbott

The Game of Love and Chance takes place in 1700s France. This wonderful romantic comedy features two high-bred children who have been betrothed to each other although they have never met: Slyvia and Dorante.

At the very start of the play, sweet Slyvia worries anxiously about Dorante arrival to finalize their marriage. But she’s not too happy about any of it, especially marrying a man that she has no opinion about. Before Dorante arrives, Slyvia comes up with a plan.

She will dress as a servant and let her servant, Lisette, take on her identity. 

This way, Slyvia can observe Dorante in his true character. It’s a very clever plan and Slyvia’s mother and brother go along with it.

Only there’s a catch! For Dorante has thought of the same plan and has swapped places with his servant, Arlequin.

And so what follows is a hilarious story in which Dorante and Slyvia try to figure each other out not knowing that they’re spying on the wrong people. Of course, the servants are having a grand time playing their master and . . . falling in love!

This play is great fun and when asked about what the audience reaction is expected to be the director, Lisa Abbott, had this to say: “I think that they will be surprised at how funny it is, because, you know, they see French and restoration and they think ‘Oh, it’s gonna be Shakespeare’ but it’s not. It’s not so adverse and the jokes are universal and contemporary. Because people had been doing the same stupid things over love for forever!”

The cast also has high hopes for audience reactions.

“I think they’ll have a great reaction. It’s really funny, like really funny. I’m not just saying that.” – Julian Austin (Mario: Slyvia’s brother)


“I think they’ll love it. It’s funny. And everyone loves sex jokes!” – Kelsey Poole (Slyvia)


“I think everyone will really enjoy it. The play’s very funny. It’s sorta like a Rom-Com.” – Devyn Crawley (Lisette)


The cast and crew have been working really hard to put the play together since the end of February. And for most of the cast and crew, this is their first experience working like this.

Jessica Dube had this to say about her first job stage managing: “It’s been hectic but awesome. It was kinda intimidating since I’m a freshman, but it’s been a great experience. And I’m excited to learn things!”


From Julian Austin: “It’s been really great. I work with a lot the talented people. This has also been my first ever production.”


And from Sam Wise (Durante): “[This has] definitely [been] a learning process. It’s like my first real acting experience where I had to really push myself to make my character believable. It’s been both challenging and fun.”


So come out to see the hard work these people have put into this production. They are all promising that it’ll be a fun and great experience.

The show runs from Wednesday, April 6th to Wednesday, April 13th. It starts at 7:30 pm, doors open at 7 pm. There will be a Sunday matinee at 2 pm. Also, starting this year there will be no Monday showings.

Tickets can be bought at the Box Office in the CAT from 1-5 pm. It is $6 for students and $12 for general admissions. You can also reserve tickets by calling the Box Office at (912) 478-5370.