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Former President Obama Speaks Out Following The Bomb Scare & He Makes It Very Clear That Enough is Enough

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

Ten suspicious packages, later discovered to be bombs, were sent to numerous notorious Democrats and candid critics of President Donald Trump. The bombs were sent on a national scale and even targeted former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton. Thankfully all of these alleged bombs were intersected by government officials. It is said that the White House condemns this apparent act of domestic terrorism, and President Trump emphasizes that these acts are “an attack on democracy itself.” However, he later went to tweet his belief that this is all “Fake News.” This allegation caused an uproar in society all over social media.

Former President Barack Obama had a few words to say after the bomb scare, and he makes it very clear that he can no longer tolerate the lying. I believe he speaks for the entire nation when he says that enough is enough.


Former President Barack Obama mentions those the president say the people must fear because that’s how the people are controlled. America is run by Fear. The irony in this all is that the three most recent acts of terrorism have been caused by these three men:

Lives of the people have been lost and threatened by the hands of Americans, not foreigners.

Former President Barack Obama also mentions just a few instances where President Trump has lied to the people, but he makes it very clear that there are endless other instances where the truth was twisted or withheld. The ignorance of the people has been played on and taken advantage of for far to long. Manipulation is how Republicans use and gain their power. From lies originating from the only house built off of the trust of the people to the  4,700 allege missing Georgia Democrat absentee ballots, Republicans are misleading and mistreating the people.

It is time for the people to open their eyes and see what’s really going on here. The system is breaking at the hands of those who are suppose to uphold it, and it’s only a matter of time until it’s too late to stop them. The people need to take charge again, and, most importantly, we need to VOTE.


Da'Jia Daniel

Georgia Southern '22

Da'Jia is a Public Health major at Georgia Southern University who believes in the power of voice. As a heavy activist, she believes in speaking up for whatever you are passionate about and having pride in doing just that. Her favorite activities include writing, playing the violin, and spending time with her friends and family. She values all the connections she makes throughout life, good and bad.
Jordan Wheeler

Georgia Southern '22

Jordan Wheeler is a Junior Pre-Law Philosophy major who attends Georgia Southern. Jordan loves writing, singing, and hanging out with friends.