Five ways to be in control


During this time in life, most of us feel as if we have little to no control over our lives. School takes up most of our time and we get caught up in so much of our personal lives, it feels like we are being pulled in many different directions. You feel like your goal is to keep everyone happy and when you do what they want, you lose control of your life and what you want. So here are five ways to be in control of your life.

1. Be 100 percent honest with yourself

The moment you lie to yourself and pretend things are going great, you lose control over that situation. Then the more you become consumed by it, the greater the struggle for you to be in control will be. When you are 100 percent with yourself, you will know what you deserve and what is right for you. You will no longer lose focus to the things that are holding you down.


2. Get rid of the negativity

There is not a doubt in the world that negativity is around us all the time, but at times we have those friends or those people around us that have nothing but negative vibes around them. It becomes tiring and you become engulfed in the sadness and the bad vibes that they give out. GET RID OF THOSE PEOPLE!! They want nothing but to bring you down to their level. Misery loves company. Let them be negative BY THEMSELVES. Surround yourself with people that will bring out the best in you.


3. Know what you want

There is nothing worse than being indecisive at the wrong time. It’s time-consuming and it’s frustrating. You have to know exactly what it is that you want. The moment that you decide what you want in life, work on it. Use what you want and create something beautiful with it.  Use it not just to benefit yourself, but to benefit others as well.


4. Believe in yourself

Be your biggest cheerleader. When you believe in yourself and capabilities, you have the ability and the determination to do whatever you set your mind to. No one is going to show you much love and encouragement like you can. Embrace yourself and give yourself 100 percent love. It will reflect in the long run.


5. Stay the course

The struggle is real out here and giving up is part of life, but if you are able to stay and fight through the trouble, do it. It brings out the best in you and its builds character. Whatever you are going through now is just a test. It’s just testing to see how long you can hold it together, how far you can go. You are not that far from your dreams. So stick it out and enjoy the ride.