Everyone Isn't for You and That's Okay

They make you feel weirdly uncomfortable and questionable about who you are and the moves you decide to take.

The ‘they’ we are referring to here is anyone who does not positively contribute to any aspect of who you are. Throughout this thing called life, we are going to come into contact and become involved with all sorts of people, however, everyone is not for you and sometimes mini aassessments of the people around you are needed.


Whether it’s a relational partner, friends, or family, it is perfectly okay to walk away from relationships that do not serve you

Unsupportive people should not be granted permission to enter your realm. You deserve people around you who will genuinely support you. It can be tricky because the intentions behind support is not always good. Some will support you only because others are, and some will support you just in case you make it. Supporting you does not have to be financially driven, so be mindful of what excuses you receive from others. Support can go a long way and is a factor to determine who cares for you.

Those who talk you out of visions and goals are not for you. As long as those goals aren’t detrimental or harmful to yourself or others, those who care about you should be rooting for you.

Sometimes we find ourselves in toxic relationships for so long that we become immune. This is often the case for even family because since they are family, we feel obligated to keep them around. We don’t even realize we are being mistreated, spoke down upon and so on. You owe it to yourself to remove yourself from hurtful relationships.

Anyone who talks over you does not respect you. To be constantly talked over means what you have to say does not matter; what they have to say is more important.

Anyone who does not love or accept you for you should not even be granted your presence. Go where you are wanted.

If you do not feel comfortable around someone, this could be a sign. You deserve to be around people that make you feel good about yourself and life in general.