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Erika Jordan: Creating something beautiful


Name: Erika Jordan

Age: 23

Graduated date: May 2016

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts-2D Studio Concentration 

Job: Art teacher and artist-Roxie Remley Arts Center for Fine Arts



1. What made you get into fine art? “I was initially a graphic design major, but with me taking a lot of art classes like painting and drawing, I realized that I like that more. So in fall 2013, I switched my major to fine art.

2. Since you’ve graduated, what do you do now? I teach an after school program for kids called “Creative kids.” I teach kids ages 6- 9 who have an interesting in art. So I teach them about fine art and arts and crafts.

 3. Beyond teaching kids, what do you do on your spare time? I have my own studio in the art center and I make my own pieces with colored pencils

4. What is the inspiration behind your work? I take inspiration from my family in Arizona. My dad used to tell me these outlandish stories about my family. For me, it’s a coping mechanism because I am so far away from them. I can create my art and it keeps me happy

5. What are your future goals: I initially wanted to be a big time artist, but now I would really just want to make a living doing what I love. When I teach, my goal is to teach the kids to create something beautiful and to do something that makes them happy. I’m also teaching them about problem solving. As an artist, we are taught to take a problem and solve it creatively. That what I want to show these kids and that’s make me happy more than anything


For more of Erika’s art pieces, check out her website at www.erika-jordan-art.com





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