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Do-It-Yourself Projects That’ll Spice Up Your Room Instantly

So you begin your first day in your very own new place and you see that it’s kind of bland.  Classes don’t start for a couple of days so you have some extra free time in your schedule, so why not glam up your dorm or apartment? But those rumors you heard about being a “broke college student” are no joke. Never fear collegiettes, there are plenty of do-it-yourself projects that can take a room from generic to fabulous all in one day.

Mason jars are becoming one of the easiest tools to use to decorate your living area. This project only calls for a mason jar and metallic spray paint and glitter color of your choice. First, stand your jar on top of newspaper and begin to even spray the jar with your selected spray paint. After letting dry completely dip the bottom of the jar in Elmer’s rubber glue, and then proceed to dip the bottom of the jar in the glitter. Vuala! We now have a simple yet sophisticated glass that can go anywhere in your home. If you’re really feeling fancy feel free to add flowers or other decorative pieces to top it off!

If you ever feel that pennies aren’t worth anything anymore, this DIY will change that. If you happen to be out thrifting one day and come across a vase PICK IT UP! All that this project requires is a black matte paint, a hot glue gun, pennies, and a vase! First, paint the vase with your selected paint. Next, when your paint is dry use your hot glue gun to apply the pennies around the vase. You can apply the pennies in a vertical fashion like the picture shown below or you can create a funky style of your own.  

Although most freshman dorms don’t allow candles, this is a great idea for when you finally move off-campus. Grab some candles, mod podge craft glue (or any substitute craft glue), glitter, and peel off letters/numbers. First, apply the letters/number to your candle and use craft glue to cover whatever you want to be glittered. Lastly, dip the candle in the glitter and wait for the glue to dry then you can remove the peel off letters and reveal a unique set of candles!

Canvas paintings are definitely in style this year. Whether your canvas has quotes or pictures, canvas art is a timeless accent to any room. For this project your will need some type of Vinyl Words, (here we used Vinyl Words “Make a Wish”), Darice deco teeny lights (battery operated), and a black canvas. First place your vinyl letter on the canvas. Next you need to decide where you will place your holes for the lights. Then, poke tiny holes into the canvas using a small mail to place the teeny lights through the holes. Lastly, tape the battery pack to the back of the canvas and your project is complete!

Want to add a little splash of creativity to your room but lacking space and time? If you have duct tape and a ceiling fan than you are in business. Simply pick out your favorite duct tapes and wrap them in a vertical fashion around the wings of the ceiling fans. Now you have a simple yet creative splash of your room that will definitely catch someone’s attention. 

Like some of these ideas but wish you had more? Well just follow our Pinterest account @HerCampusGS to see all of these projects plus more! 

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