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DIY Last Minute Halloween Decorations

It’s that time of year again. You’ve spent all month deciding whether or not you’re going to host a Halloween party. It’s Thurday afternoon, and you think, “Yes, I think I will”. You start at your undecorated apartment and realize you have no decorations and don’t want to break the bank for this party. Have no fear, Her Campus is here to save the day. I decorated my entire apartment living room and kitchen for under $10! 


First, do your research.

Before I bought anything, I started looking for ideas on how to decorate a small space and not break the bank. Halloween printables were the first thing to pop up. There are tons and tons of printables for free online. I printed monsters, ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, and even spiders! 

Next, figure out where you want to place your printables.

I decided I wanted to cover both walls in my living room and attach some of my printables on to my curtains. Depending on the size and layout of your apartment, deciding where and how you want to hang up your printables will determine what other decorations you may need to fill up the room. Because I had spider printables, I decided to create a spider web and attach spiders to it. 

Next, head to your local store.

During the Halloween season, almost store is stocked with unique decorations. The key here is to find what you need. Since I decided to create a spider web, I found two packs of the black-light glow spider webs. These usually run no more than $2 and can be used almost anywhere! 

Next, do more research.

I had my printables and I had my spider webs but I felt that I needed a little more oomph. I’ve always had a love for streamers but could never get the hang of how to hang them up. Google is always the way to go when looking up how to do something. I looked up ‘Halloween streamers’ and immediately became obsessed with a spider-web-like design made from black streamers. I went to my local party store and bought three 81ft streamers for 99 cents each! I was able to recreate the streamer spider web look with my own colorful twist. I used my ceiling fan as the start for my streamers and attached their ends to the walls with tape.

Lastly, admire your work.

With the help of Google and some quick thinking, I was able to give my apartment that Halloween touch just a day before my party! If I can do it, you can too!




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