The Coconut Oil Craze

It’s a hair product, it’s a natural home remedy, it’s coconut oil?

The big question is how can one simple thing be the answer to everything? Is it safe to say coconut oil is close to magic or is it simply just the newest obsession. You know the one thing everyone wants to use just because everyone else is using it...

It’s the one oil that doesn’t discriminate based on hair texture, the one oil that can kill candida, the one oil that can reduce cellulite, whiten your teeth, improve digestion, moisturize skin, and that is just some of the top uses.

Imagine one oil that can be used in 77 different ways and counting. So many ways, some probably have not even been discovered yet.

So what is all the hype over this product? It is simply the fact this one oil is so natural yet so versatile. It’s a medicine, hair product, food product, and moisturizer all in one. Talk about saving money.


So ladies and gents, looking for that one product that can simply do it all; coconut oil is the answer.

Although, not all may agree on the benefits or may not be completely sold on the coconut oil trend. One thing for sure is it works.