Campus Cutie: LaDevin McGraw

I would like to introduce this weeks Campus Cutie for Georgia Southern University whose name is:

LaDevin McGraw!

Classification: Junior


Major: Psychology; Pre-Med


Age/Birthday: 20, May 16th, 1998


Hometown: Liberty City Miami, Florida


Zodiac Sign: Taurus

LaDevin is a 20 year old first generation college student in a family of five siblings where he is the oldest. He is a Junior hailing from Miami majoring in Psychology/ Pre-Med and he plans to go to Med school. LaDevin shares that he picked southern because of its location. Like a lot of us at this university he wanted to get away from home while not being too far; he wanted something in between just like the rest of us. He says that he felt in his gut it was the right decision and I think we can all agree that it was. LaDevin is an artistic individual and he has definitely showcased his abilities on campus. He mentions that he loves to dance and he is a former member of Diverzion Dance Team and he also loves music. He writes music and mentions that singing is a passion that runs in the family:

“I think there's nothing music can't fix or get you through.”

LaDevin is also a model for Visage Fashion Company. They recently had a fashion show called “Underground Exposure” and you may have seen LaDevin there.

“My word is my bond and I shall fall before it is broken”.

LaDevin emphasizes the importance of keeping it real with the people he’s close to and he even got this quote tattooed onto himself as a reminder of what he stands on. He is the glue of his friendships and a dependable friend. He is a humble guy that lives to laugh throughout life.

I asked LaDevin about his short term and long term goals and this was his response:

“This year I’m trying to get something going for me out of school related to the arts. Short-term wise I’m trying to build a fanbase or achieve a high level of social media presence. Right now I’m in the works of launching a YouTube to do covers and within the next year I want to release a EP, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my art, so I won’t post anything until I have it all together. Long-term, I’m looking into either going to graduate school at Southern or getting accepted into medical school for example; Emory.”

Don't sleep on him y'all! Whether it be a Youtube channel or music we can expect to see something new coming from him soon. We will keep our eye out for it!

Lastly I asked LaDevin what advice he had for college students. His response was:

“College is hard but if it was easy everyone would do it, but I bring that up to say that there are going to be many nights where you feel alone, lost, or even ready to quit. That is alright to have these feelings and thoughts, but what isn’t okay it to stay that way. A quote I just ran into was by Steve Harvey and he said: “Sometimes in life you go through hell, So why would you stop there?”

LaDevin is doing big things! If you see him on campus, say hey! As college students it is so easy to get discouraged and caught up in everything happening but if you're going through hell, like LaDevin tells us; why would you stop there? We see what you’re doing at Southern LaDevin and I want to tell you to keep doing you! Keep grinding and being yourself and you will reap all the benefits, I know.


Much love,

Simone from Her Campus.