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Campus Cutie: Kristen Flippo


Name: Kristen Flippo

Age: 21

Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia

Graduation Date: Summer 2016

Major/Minor: Major: Writing and Linguistics, Minor: Anthropology

Dream Job: A fairy unicorn princess or a writing professor, whichever comes first.

Relationship Status: Single

Turn On: I like massages and someone who can cook. Also I love it when someone can make me laugh.

Turn Off/ Deal Breakers: I really don’t like text speak, it just bothers me.

What would be your ideal date? An ideal date would be good food and good company.

What are some fun facts that no one knows about you? Well, no one knows them, so that’s fun!

What was your first impressions of Georgia Southern? My first impression was, “Oh my god! This place has owls!” Also I thought that the campus was very beautiful.

What kind of things are you involved with at Georgia Southern? I’m really involved in the university writing center, where I work as a writing tutor. And I’m the President of Writers’ Guild.

Do you have any interesting hobbies? I love to bake flower scented desserts, especially lavender and rose flavors! Recently I made earl grey tea macarons with rose buttercream icing. They were really good.

What’s your favorite movie and why? My favorite movie is “It Happened One Night”, it’s an old black and white movie that my Dad introduced me to. It’s one of the very first romantic comedies and it warms my heart.

If you could have one superpower in the whole world, what would it be? I would want to be able to fly. It’s always a reoccurring thing that happens in my dreams, so why not make it happen in real life? 

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Samantha Harvey

Georgia Southern

I was born in New York. I go to Georgia Southern University. I love to write and read.
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