Campus Cutie: Jada Brassell-Forts

Name: Jada Brassell-Forts

Age: 20

Hometown: Hampton, GA

Graduation Date:  2018

Major/Minor: Exercise Science

Dream Job: Personal Trainer

Relationship Status: Singleeeee

Zodiac Sign: Virgo :)

Turn On: Good sense of humor, CONFIDENCE, Being humble.

Turn Off/Dealbreaker(s): Being rude, bad hygiene, being impatient and loud.

What do you think makes Georgia Southern different from other universities?

The atmosphere is very welcoming. When I toured the campus I automatically fell in love.

Tell us something no one really knows about you.

Lol, I don’t talk much in public but behind closed doors or if I’m comfortable I can become pretty weird/goofy.

What is the boldest things you have ever done?

Tell us a brief story. Umm.. lol. I’m a risk taker in many ways so I honestly can’t think of just one that would top the others as the “boldest”. I’ll leave it at that.

Do you have any talents you would like to share?

I danced and cheered back in the day.

What is your biggest fear?

I am terrified of bugs and certain sea creatures!

If you were in a time machine, which day of your life would you revisit for just a day?

My 19th Birthday!!

Would you say your alter ego is more like Beyonce, Rihanna, or Nicki Minaj? Why?

I would say Rihanna, she’s daring and doesn’t really listen to what others have to say.

What is the one thing you admire about yourself the most?

I do what I want, asking for someone’s opinion is rare for me.