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Campus Cutie: Crystal Gervin ’16


Name: Crystal Gervin

Age: 21  

Classification: Junior

Major: Communication Studies

Hometown: Albany, Georgia


Her Campus: What is your relationship status?

Crystal Gervin: By common standards, I’m single because I’m not in a relationship, but I am dating! Lol

HC: What turns you on from a guy?

CG: The biggest turn on in a guy for me is a humorous personality. A good joke can go a long way with me, as long as he knows when to turn it off when need be. 

HC: What turns you off in a guy? 

CG: Arrogance. I’m all for self-confidence and feeling yourself every now and then, but I can’t date someone who’s on “Kanye West” mode 24/7.

HC: What would you describe as a perfect date?

CG: I’m very simple. A guy can order pizza, and rent a movie, I’ll be smitten just by the fact that he took the time to do it. A “perfect” day to me is more about the vibes I get from him versus the money that he spends.

HC: Do you have any celebrity crushes? 

CG: I’m sadden to say, I’m utterly obsessed with Chris Brown. You’d think my twelve-year-old crush would have fizzled by now, but he still hits it on the mark for me despite what he’s done.

HC: What is one fun fact about you?

CG: I can rap a little bit. Lol. I can give you about six bars and I’m out.

HC: What are your hobbies?

CG: Listening to music, watching TV, and sleeping. I’m a certified homebody.

HC: When are you expected to graduate?

CG: Right now, December of 2016. I bounced around with my major and other things early in my college years, don’t judge me. Lol. I did not want to grow up.

HC: What is your dream job? Why?

CG: My dream job is to headline a national syndicated radio show. I honestly picture myself as the next Wendy Williams or Angie Martinez. There are so many connections and opportunities that branch from radio and flow into other industries. It’s a beneficial career, not to mention, who wouldn’t’ enjoy getting paid to be in celebrities business?


Below: Crystal Gervin, co-host on Georgia Southern’s radio 9.19 The Buzz (Dream Empire Radio) (Left) prepares to conduct an interview with rapper Scrill White (center)

HC: What do you love most about attending Georgia Southern?

CG: The opportunities. Georgia Southern is connected to so many companies  and organizations, the list goes on. People at Southern are so willing to help you succeed, it’s so refreshing.

HC: Lastly, If you could go back in time and change one thing from the past, what would it be?

CG:  I would probably choose not to encounter or entertain certain people I’ve had in my life. I’d probably run the other way if I could. 



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Francesca Wright

Georgia Southern

Hello my name is Francesca:) 25 years young, Senior, Macon, GA is home for me, Co-host at 9.19 The Buzz My hobbies are reading, writing, singing, MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), music, talking and sleeping(my favorite!) Oan I'm in love with Jesus and Wine! (don't Judge me haha)
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