Campus Cutie

     Our Campus Cutie title for the week goes to Dylan Brown. Brown is a freshman here at Georgia Southern, originally an Atlanta native who’s majoring in Psychology, with a deep and passionate interest in mental health studies. He uses his downtime chilling out listening to trap music, playing basketball with his friends, following up on the latest fashion trends and when the opportunity comes when there’s food involved, he’ll eat “everything in sight!”.  He’s caring and compassionate to those closests to him and always   wears his heart on his sleeve.

     One thing that stood out from Brown in our interview is his self created movement Boss Mind Empire: “not necessarily implying on becoming an entrepreneur or owning a company, but simply owning your life”. His campaign fluctuated around social media that focuses on raising awareness to mental illnesses from depression, anxiety and many others. He wants to use this campaign to jumpstart his career and motivation for finding solutions from counseling and support to individuals dealing with these problems everyday. He hopes that Boss Mind Empire could become an on-campus organization here at Georgia Southern including a clothing line to promote the movement, an official website, and a youtube channel to cover a variety of different mental health subjects.


     In the future (besides wanting to own a car to get around school), he aspires to become a multi-millionaire, traveling the world and owning a business that deals in psychiatric treatment and care. His personality, for me, was truly a bright light, he reflected a person dead-set on helping others less fortunate than him and wanting to use his skills to create a prosperous and happy life for himself. Dylan is full of life and definitely strong-willed.If you happen to see Dylan on campus, just know that he’s definitely a strong force to be reckoned with.