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Campus Celebrity Special Edition: Marcus Nesbitt; A Day and the Life of a Graduate Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

Name: Marcus Nesbitt

Age: 23

Classification: Graduate Student

Program of study: Healthcare Administration (MHA)

Her Campus (HC): What is it like being a first year Graduate student?

Marcus Nesbitt (MN): The transition to graduate school can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, I’ve managed to keep my sanity throughout this experience. This is just the first semester of my program, but I’m optimistic of what lies ahead. My program has a dynamic team of professors who are really helpful. They are able to provide great insight and relevant experience from the field of healthcare administration. Graduate school has already given me opportunities to network with people in my field, which is always good.

HC: Do you think receiving a master’s degree will help you become more advanced in your career versus just having a bachelor’s degree?

MN: Definitely, I think pursuing a master’s degree will provide you with more in-depth knowledge in your field, and let’s face it, careers nowadays requires at least a Master’s degree.

HC: How do you manage the workload in graduate school?

MN: Trying to juggle the demands of school and other extracurricular activities can be exhausting. In addition to classes, I am also the graduate assistant for Health Services on campus. Finding a balance between your academics, work, and personal life is important. It makes my life a lot easier. Also, prioritizing is imperative! If you haven’t started to prioritize during your undergraduate studies, during graduate  school is the best place to start. 

HC: As a Graduate Assistant for Health Services, what do you do?

MN: I am Graduate Assistant for the office Health Education and Promotion located in Health Services. Ms. LaShonda Johnson is the assistant director. I assist her with the planning and the implementation of the health programs and events on campus. We are responsible for organizing programs and events such as Sex & Chocolate, Spring Break Safety Awareness Week, and Fresh Fruit Friday. I am also certified in HIV education and testing for campus-wide HIV testing events.

HC: Are there certain requirements you must meet to be excepted into the Graduate program?

MN: Yes, it varies, depending on your program of study. I recommend visiting the websites of the different programs that you are interested in. I would also start talking to the heads of the departments of those programs. Express your interest. Start networking now, and talk with some of the students in the program.

HC: What advice would you give to the seniors on campus are considering going to graduate school?

MN: Don’t wait, go ahead and start planning your future now. Research where you want to go and the program’s requirements. Reach out to people in your program of interest to get a first-hand account.


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