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Campus Celebrity: Shawna-Kay Waugh ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

When you first set off on a journey in a new environment, the goal is typically to get to know people that have your same interest so that you won’t have to go through everything alone. Well Instagram is always a first start to finding such people. Whether you decide to hash tag #GeorgiaSouthern or whether you use other skills to find other students there are hundreds of ways to find students on campus.

It is very likely that you will happen to see the Georgia Southern shout-out page on Instagram. Everyone you could possibly want to follow is gathered on one page. .  Not too many people get to actually see who is the face behind the shout-out page it, but you have probably seen her around campus making major moves in other departments. Shawna-Kay Waugh is a senior Psychology major here at Georgia Southern University, originally from Brooklyn. 

Her Campus: What gave you the idea to begin the Georgia Southern shout out page?

Shawna-Kay Waugh: One day I was scrolling on Instagram and I saw that almost every other school has a shout-out page. So I logged on to twitter and thought, “Dang when is Georgia Southern going to get a shout-out page?” then my friend replied and said, “You should since you do everything else.” So I decided to give it a try and from the first day until now it has gone viral.

HC: How would someone or an event contact you to be promoted on the page?

SW: I like to practice professionalism so I created an email account. People who have something to promote have to email your flier along with the caption of what you want the post to say. I also accept Direct Messages as long as they contain the same information.

HC: What is your greatest challenge with running the shout-out page?

SW: My biggest challenge would be that people don’t understand that I am doing this because I want to. I am not asking anyone to pay me for promotion. I am doing this simply because of the love for my school; simply because I want to keep people together. I understand that people want me to promote their event and that the page has over 3,000 followers, but I should not be your only source of advertising. People want me to post their flier every single day, but I am here to help you, not doing all the work for you.

HC: What other organizations are you involved with on campus?

SW: I am involved in Collegiate 100 Women as well as Eagles for Eagles.

HC: What is “Eagles for Eagles”?

SW: Eagles for Eagles is a Student Government initiative where we fundraise money for our fellow eagles experiencing extreme financial hardship. Last year we set a goal for $10,000 and we were only short $15. We really did good, and this year we are setting the goal for $15,000.

HC: Who are your role models in life?

SW: I have more than one, but one of my role models is my good friend Fredrick. He just graduated from Savannah State University. He graduated with honors and that is something I would like to do. He’s very professional. He won most professional in his organization but he knows when to turn it on and when to turn it off. He is real versatile. Just a person that is good all-around and he always motivates me to be great.

HC: If your life could go exactly as you planned it, what would be your dream life?

SW: First, of course, I would graduate from Georgia Southern University; I would then attend graduate school at UGA so that I can get my counselors degree. After I get my counselors degree I’ve always wanted to live in DC. So I would move there and be a counselor for middle school. I would be married with two kids, Imani and Isaiah, and my husband but I don’t know who he is yet. So I would be living in my dream city, with my dream family continuing to do what I do here, and that’s helping with the community and inspiring people.

HC: What are three things people don’t know about you?

SW: Three things that most people don’t know about me are that I play the saxophone, I am very shy, and that I have four other siblings. Two of those siblings are in Jamaica.

HC: So of course everyone wants to know if you are single… are you?

SW: Yes, and I am not looking. I do not believe that love exists in Statesboro.

HC: What is your advice for freshman girls on campus?

SW: My advice is that balance is key. You can’t just always be in your books and you can’t always be involved with campus. People want people that can be flexible. Be on top of your grades but also have a social life. Get out there and get involved. Don’t waste your college years because the experience is what you make it.

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