Campus Celebrity: Rashad Williams '15




Rashad Williams

From Championships to Degrees

Embark on this journey with us...

Her Campus: How has life changed since winning the Sun Belt this year?

Rashad Williams: It has changed because now I am a part of  a legacy in a sense that what my class has accomplished will never be forgotten. So it makes me feel like I have a duty to uphold at Georgia Southern.

HC: Do you wish that you would've had more time to play in this division?

RW: I am satisfied with the career I had. All things must come to an end and its time to find a way down my new journey of life. 

HC: What are some things that you won't miss about football?

RW: Several, 5:30 workouts, 14 hour days, and that's about it. It's a long dread process to become a champion and those are some of the things that I don't miss.

HC: What has been your main focus since the season has ended?

RW: Graduating and trying to excel in my internship for the semester.

HC: Where is your internship at and what do you do?

RW: My internship is with ESPN Radio in Savannah. I am learning sales, how to produce a show, write professional stories.

HC: How has having a background in sports helped prepare you for your internship?

RW: My background has helped me tremendously because playing football and watching sports all my life has made the transition easier, but there are still learning points that I am gaining from ESPN and there are many more to go.

HC: Where would be your Ultimate Destination in your career?

RW: My ultimate destination would be in any top market city for Sports Journalism. More specifically Atlanta because there are endless opportunities with Turner, Fox Sports, and also ESPN.

HC: What are your ultimate goals in life?

RW: To be well established and successful all the while being able to take care of my family. 

HC: What is the advice you would give to the women on campus?

RW: Stay true to yourself, don't ever change from what you've learned at home from your parents. Starve your distractions and feed your focus.