Campus Celebrity: Miss Purple Essence (Asha Stegall '16)

Her Campus: What is it like being Miss Purple Essence 2015 and what requirements did you need to do in order to conquer this achievement?

Asha Stegall:  I love being Miss Purple Essence, the best part about being Miss Purple Essence is that  I didn't have to change who I was to be it. I'm the same Asha Stegall as I was before the pageant. Only now I have a crown and a sash. The requirements consist of being a full-time student at GSU, the GPA requirement is a 2.7, and they must be in good standing conduct with Georgia Southern.

HC: What other organizations are you associated with and what are your roles?

AS: I’m associated with many organizations on Georgia Southern’s Campus, including Black Student Alliance where I was appointed as Parliamentarian to maintain order; Femininity In A New Era Securing Successful Enterprise, aka FINESSE, where I assist them with their monetary affairs as their financial advisor; Minority Advisement Program, where I am a MAP Sponsor, my duties consist of guiding my mentees and being a resource for them to ensure they will have a successful campus experience here at GSU; Collegiate 100 Women of Georgia Southern, where I stand as the Health and Wellness chair, my job is to promote helpful habits for the member and put on a forum that promotes health, like recent project I did this year, #PartyInPink2015; First Year Experience, where I am a peer leader. My duties as Peer Leader include assisting a FYE teacher in a specific FYE class, in this case, Mindset of Psychology, and then I help freshmen student accumulate to college life while being a resource for their needs for on-campus opportunities.

HC: I am sure you are very busy this time of year because the Miss Purple Essence pageant is coming up again. What have been your duties this past month?

AS: This past month alone I have been very busy with the guys in helping promote for the pageant and setting up informational sessions. We have now chosen one since these last few informational session. This past week was Zeta Delta Delta’s Achievement week, and I helped assist them in serving food for this past Wednesday's QUES Happy Hour and also volunteered this past Friday at the Food Bank Community Service project, where we donated food that will be provided for families in the community this holiday.

HC: What fraternity is the Miss Purple Essence Pageant associated with? Would you consider the Miss Purple Essence the best Panhellenic pageant? If so, why?

AS:  Zeta Delta Delta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Of course, I would consider Miss Purple Essence Pageant one of the best Panhellenic pageants, not only because I participated in it, but because all I gained from it. I made long lasting friends and had the experience of a lifetime. I would do it all over again if I could. We had great competition, professional choreography, and even a great pageant coordinator. The best thing is getting to see the “bruhs” every day while supporting me in everything I do.

HC: When you won the pageant, what were some of the prizes you earned? Were you required to make any special appearances?

AS: The prizes I won the day of the pageant include, Most Ads Sold, Highest GPA: 3.96, and Best Talent, where I did a dramatic poem, called, “The Difference Between A Girlfriend and A Woman.”

HC: What do you want to tell the girls, who were inspired to follow your footsteps in becoming Miss Purple Essence 2016?

AS: That you may not be fit for the part but if you work hard and have the confidence the impossible is possible.

HC: Have you gained any connections by being Miss Purple Essence?

AS:  Yes definitely, I've met so many people through this pageant and every day because of my crown I meet someone new.

HC: How do you like Georgia Southern University and what qualities do you think you have brought to the University?

AS: I love Georgia Southern, I enjoy the campus life and the rigor of the classroom environment.  As a scholar-athlete and a member of many clubs and organizations on the campus, I would like to think that I have added value at Georgia Southern in the capacity of being a positive a role model and leader among my peers and in the surrounding community.

HC: What do you want people to know the real you and not just the celebrity on campus?

AS: I want students to be aware that although I am fun, loving, very socially involved in many organizations, and a member of the track team, what I take most seriously at Georgia Southern are my grades. Very few people are aware that I have a 3.96 GPA, especially since I like to act silly sometimes and joke around a lot. I take my classes very seriously and I commit significant time, many hours, to the task of maintaining good grades. I work hard at everything I do. Most only see me after the studying is done when I am able to let my hair down, and enjoy myself. I work hard, I play hard, but at the end of the day I am focused on my goals of being a successful scholar-athlete.  

HC: Thank you for your time and continue to be your best!