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Campus Celebrity: Kya Walker’17

Kya Walker gained her celebrity status after becoming a CL at Southern Courtyard.

Major: Middle Grades Education

Graduation year: 2017

Hometown: Buford, GA

Her campus: What is the most rewarding part of being a Community Leader?

Kya Walker: Being able to help people who need help, and for them to know I am always available if they need something.

HC: How long have you been a CL?

KW: This is my first year

HC: What is the hardest part of being a cl?

KW: Having to get other students into trouble, even if they feel really sorry about it.

HC: What has been your favorite moment at GSU?

KW: Being part of programs put on at GSU.

HC: What legacy do you want to leave at Georgia Southern?

KW: I want to leave the legacy of my hard work and that I loved doing my job.

HC: What is your dream job post-graduation?

KW: I would ultimately like to be a principal at a high school.

HC: What is one change you would like to see at GSU?

KW:  I would like to see more diversity in Greek life. 

HC: Have you done anything to try to change this part of campus? If not, do you plan to?

KW: No, I have not. No, I do not. I feel a lot of tension throughout “Greek Row”

HC: What advice would you have for women on campus?

KW: Do not be pressured into doing things that you do not want to do. If whatever you think is right goes against the flow of everyone else go with your instincts because you need to satisfy yourself not others.



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