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Campus Celebrity: Kirsten Fisher ’14


Campus Celeb: Kirsten Fisher


HerCampus: What are you involved in?

Kirsten Fisher:  President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Delta Epsilon Iota, Southern Finest (football marketing), Vice-President of an organization my younger sister started called Nerves of Steel Inc, it is to help families facing issues due to a terrible disease called Neurofibromatosis.  http://www.fightnf.com/


HC: What is your major?


KF: I am a marketing major, I want to go into retail marketing and get into the study of why people buy things.


HC: What is your most memorable moment at GSU?


KF: I think my memorable moment was my first game day. I had never been to a big game or tailgating. The first day I went we dressed up and went with a group of friends and then going to the game and seeing everyone so passionate wearing their blue and white. It was just really awesome to feel a part of something bigger, and have the feeling of the crowd.


HC: Where are you from?


KF: Barnesville, GA


HC: Who is your role model?


KF: My mom is my role model. She is defiantly the strongest woman I have encountered in my life. If she doesn’t know how to do something then she learns, I have always admired what she has done for my family. She was a single parent and she took what she had and ran with it. It was admirable to see her put us in front of herself. She is the hardest working person. I aspire to be her


HC: What is your advice for freshman girls?


KF: Take advantage all the opportunities GSU has, there is so much to do. I really encourage girls to get out and go to football games, the movies, join clubs, and involve yourself in what student programming does for you.



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