Campus Celebrity: Good ENT "Bringing Back Old GSU"


Her Campus: Hey y’all! How are you all doing today?


Good ENT: What’s good, what’s good GSU?


HC: We are glad to be able to interview you all today! Good ENT has been the talk of the school for at least a week now. Will and Dee you want to tell us a little about Good ENT and the roles you both have?  


Will A: Well, I’m the CEO of Good ENT and we have a lot planned this year, so stay tuned. We have been the talk of the school this past week, because recently we had a huge house party last Friday, and it was a great turn out. The cops had to eventually shut it down due to the fact the party was well over capacity. I believe over 2,000 people came according to the fire marshall.  


Dee: I control the social media and productions side of Good ENT. I basically make sure everybody knows what to promote and I keep the technical side of things in tact. We have a creative team, they are always coming up with some great promo ideas. We are in the process of getting some new venues, and planning more parties. You can look forward to something happening in September. We trying to bring Old GSU back!


HC: Wow! That’s insane! Over 2,000 people. You really are trying to bring the Old GSU back. Well, I’m glad I get to finally meet the people behind this revolution. Speaking of Old GSU, am I the only one hearing about this trending topic “Old GSU vs New GSU”? Apparently, New GSU doesn’t know what the phrase “turn up” means.


Will A: Wow! I don’t know where to start man. New GSU knows nothing about that Old GSU! We did everything back in the day. There was never a dull moment. Venues everywhere, there was always a move, and things seldom got shut down by the cops. We had Platinum, Primetime, and Bunz just to name a few. It’s not the same man, but we hoping to be able to bring it back! The thing is it’s all about that New GSU now, I don’t know if Old GSU ready.


HC: Yes the talk around school is that New GSU is wild! Georgia Southern is looking forward to a great year! Now I hear Good ENT has Good Girlz as well, is that true?


Good ENT: Yes man! They all look good too! The difference from other promo teams is that our Good Girlz are classy. They get a moment to shine when we have our 30 minutes of darkness. That’s when we play R&B and slow songs for that whole time, and the girls pass out jello shots.



HC: Oh wow! Interesting! I’m sure the Good Girlz help give Good ENT a respectful image. Well, I can see that Good ENT will be successful this year! I know Southern looks forward to your upcoming events. We will definitely stay tuned. We just want to know one more thing, how does one become a member of Good ENT?


Good ENT: Everyone in Good ENT right now had to earn their spots on the team. Basically, you have to show dedication by promoting and spreading a positive image about Good ENT to be considered a member, but the CEO has to have the final decision. We don’t just let anyone join because now everybody wants to. We are only looking to add members that will be helpful to the team. Before we forget, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @IMGOODENT, and be on the lookout.


HC: Thank you Good ENT for your time! You all continue to keep Georgia Southern “turnt”!