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Campus Celebrity ‘Blaqshion’: A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes





Her Campus: Being one of the coordinators of an organization on campus is a big responsibility. Blaqshion happens to be one of the most popular groups on campus. How long has Blaqshion been around and what do you do to keep Blaqshion up to its high standards even with all the pressure that comes with it?

Chaze’ Jenkins: Blaqshion has been around for a really long time and I just want to focus on every show being better than the next. The standards are so high it just makes you want to do more and not disappoint. I had to remember to think outside of the box look up different shows and bring in different aspects to modeling. I love showcasing the different talents the models have. It’s a lot about these models that you never will know and its Blaqshion’s job to show them off.


HC: Congratulations again on winning the title of Miss Kappa Alpha Psi! How does it feel to be the new Miss Kappa Alpha Psi? Did being a part of Blaqshion give you the skills you need to win the pageant? If so, what were they?

CJ: Thank you !! It feels great its still very unreal and I forget a lot of the time but it makes me want to watch how I act because I never want to bring shame to our name. Blaqshion has to be the real reason I won. It gave me confidence and helped me walk for the “Gawds” lol. but really Blaqshion showed me that your walk must leave an impression on people and make them remember you.


HC: Blaqshion is known for its sleek style and sensual performances. You all really do put on a show. As one of the coordinators, you should be proud! This being said, who is responsible for the choreography part of Blaqshion?


LaTanya Atwell-Cooney: Both Chaze’ and I, as well as the model coaches all help choreograph the openers of the show. The routines during the runway portion were all up to the models, with help from their coaches.


HC: Since you are also the owner and designer of LXS, tell us more about your inspiring fashion line, and how you incorporate into Blaqshion. Do the Blaqshion models wear your designs during performances?

L A-C: LXS by LaTanya Alexis will be featured in this summer’s Young Atlanta Fashion Show. I did the show last year and got a lot of great feedback on my designs. Right now, we are taking custom design orders and tulle skirts are $40 any color, style and size. As far as incorporating it into Blaqshion, a couple of my tulle skirts were featured in the Erotomaniac scene, and I was wearing one myself. I did not design a collection for the show because the job as Coordinator was already demanding of my time and to sew an entire collection takes a lot of time and patience. I did, however, offer help to the designers of the show because some were fairly new at the skill. Every design turned out amazing for us all to have been so fresh in the industry.


HC: I see that you are in a lot of Blaqshion’s past and current photos. How many years have you been a part of Blaqshion, and what skills did you have to have to become a model coach?

Kara Wilson: I have been a part of Blaqshion for three years. I’ve been a model coach for two of those three years. In order to be a model coach, you have to be a leader, creative, and able to work well with others.


HC: What is your role as a model coach? What makes your job more distinguishable from a coordinator?

Yazmen Settle: As a model coach it is my responsibility to make sure the models are handled and are fully prepared for the show. It is the responsibility of model coaches to teach the models how to walk, be creative and attentive at practices. Model Coaches normally run practices and teach and/or make routines. My job is very different from the coordinator because a coordinator is there to put the show together and handle any responsibility there is to make an amazing show! Coordinators by far have the hardest job in blaqshion because not only do they have to put on an amazing show, they also have to handle props, promotion, designers/stylists, venues, photoshoots and more. Our model coaches and coordinators this year were amazing and I am very proud to be apart of the Blaqshion family!


HC: How do you think you make Blaqshion better being a model coach? What are you required to do at all of the practices?

Brianna Smith: This is my first year being a part of Blaqshion and I have had the privilege of becoming a model coach after the first month! I believe that my optimism and good leadership has landed me the position. Being a model coach allows me to help the other models work on their faces, walks, and attitudes which overall helps make Blaqshion better as a whole. At practice, my responsibilities vary from teaching turns and giving critique to making sure everyone’s face is on point.

HC: People always look forward to you going on stage! Why did you join Blaqshion and what made you want to be a model coach?

Chris Zenn: Haha Thank you so much! I try to give life to every performance! But I wasn’t always a model coach, all the other ones were picked at the beginning of the year and I was one of their models actually! I got asked to be a model coach later in the year and I was shocked, I was like “me?!”. And later on I got told it was my creativity and my face and my confidence that made me the perfect candidate. Another model coach, Yaz, said when they discussed it was like “oh why isn’t he a model coach..”, and it makes me happy that these fierce walkers and face givers think that I’m good enough to stand amongst them Ya know? And now the models are asking me if this looks good and help me with this, and it just makes me feel good knowing that I worked up to that spot of a model coach.


HC: Congratulations on winning the title of Mr. GSU! How do you think being a model coach for Blaqshion prepared you for the pageant?  

Wesley Guy: I believe being a model coach for Blaqshion prepared me for the pageant by giving me qualities like confidence and creativity in the style that helped benefit me on the runway. But also having leadership and excellent communication skills would be a great asset in being an assistance to the continuous prosperity of Georgia Southern. My whole in being Mr. GSU is to not only have an impact, but BE the change that will BE the impact.


HC: We saved the best for last! What would you say has been the hardest task as a model coach and what has been the easiest? How has it made you a better person in the long run?

Gabe Goodwin: “The best for last” I like how that sounds. Lol. But I would have to say the hardest task to handle as a model coach is trying to make up routines and moves that are creative and something that hasn’t been done before. We try to push the limits in everything we do and I feel we have the best group of model coaches and coordinators to do that. The easiest task to do was to just enjoy being apart of Blaqshion and being around a good genuine group of people that I’m proud to call my family. As far as me becoming a better person, it’s made me realize how to step up and become a leader. It has also given me the confidence to do my best at any task or organization I’m apart of.


HC: I think I have the question everyone is dying to know. Is the Blaqshion turn really as hard as it looks?

Blaqshion: Not just anyone can do them! We’ll just say that.

HC: Thank you for your time Blaqshion!





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