Broke Boy Chronicles

So it's the beginning of November, our funds for whatever extra we want to do are low. We've run out of dining dollars and we are sick of Landrum and Lakeside. Lucky for us Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are approaching us very soon. Our mom has been calling us non-stop asking about our grades and our classes. But we got annoyed and yelled at her. She tells dad and now he's annoyed at us, so were aren't speaking to either of our parents. Now, would probably be the best time to start making up with them. 

If you start kissing up to your family members now, no one will suspect it's for anything other than trying to be one big happy family again. But that's where they are wrong! You're petty, so of course, you're still upset; but you're broke! *inserts laughing emoji (and a few tear emoji)* So here is our plan to get what you want from your parents and other family members. 

Thanksgiving is first! Everyone is expecting you to come home for Thanksgiving, they haven't seen you in months. 

1. Take LOTS of Tupperware home. Usually, we cook at my house and I get first dibs on everything. Sneak into the kitchen before everyone else arrives and start packing your bowls with all of your favorites. Desserts too! Make sure if you get cookies to put a piece of a slice of bread on it so it won't go stale.

2. Tell all of your family members about how Georgia Southern (the real GSU) is the best campus ever and you love it and you've missed everyone so much. Express your hatred for ChickFilA and Starbucks; because remember, Christmas is next.

December approaches and Christmas is near; some say we are too old for presents. Which in some ways works in our favor, this is how:

1. We won't get useless items.

2. More money saved by family members, means more money to give to the broke boy college fund.

3. We all love clothes. No matter how many outfits and shoes we may have, it is never enough.

My mom always told me "You can never have too many pairs of underwear." So I look at my clothes how I look at my underwear... IT'S NEVER ENOUGH!

Things to consider when your family ask what you want for Christmas:

1. Will I use it?

2. Will I be able to eat it? (Let's face it, we are all fat kids at heart.)

3. Can I pawn it? (Just kidding, your parents will kill you.)


Christmas for college students usually consists of ....

1. Plane Tickets so we can return home (which we don't want to because we go to Georgia Southern).

2. Gym Membership for our Freshmen 15 that we never lost, but we have the RAC.

3. Watches (even though they are only for show since we look at our phones for the time).

4. Care packages.  (That they have been already sending all year).

Let your families know that if they aren't sending money, food gift cards, or a bigger tv for our dorms, they are Christmas-ing wrong!

As for the New Year, find your special someone and a mistletoe. Wait, that's Christmas... Uhhh, You're on your own for that one buds.