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Bring Back Diaries? Say Whaaaat!!

The good ole days of writing in diaries, we have all had a time period where writing in our diaries were essential. I remember I would be so anxious to write down everything that happened after school, especially in elementary school. Somewhere in the midst of my life, the diary phase was lost. We can blame the dark world of social media for that one. Below are 4 reasons why diaries should be kept in college.


  1. Secrecy

College is a time to experience just about everything. Some things you get into on a frisky Saturday night may not be the business of social media. Keeping tabs on things that you can add to your list of “I was young and stupid,” or “College days..” can be kept to your eyes only within your personal diary.

2. Tranquility

College can get hectic, we have all experienced the feeling where you feel like you are in NEED of a break. Writing will give you a feel of a “getaway.” When things get way too complicated, writing your problems, worries, or even about your day can give you moments of relief. It will allow you to focus on yourself for a moment and then snap back to reality.

3. Outlet for Emotions

We are college students, our friends and family aren’t always available to listen to our troubles. Instead of bottling up our emotions, how about write them out? From my own experience, you will feel better after letting it off of your chest. Maybe even after writing it out, you may realize the issue, how to resolve it, and even better- you may feel nothing about the situation any longer. Writing in a diary will keep you sane.

4. Remember the Time

My favorite reason of them all, looking back at all the times you shared with so many different people. I’m sure you will get a good laugh after looking back on your college memories 10 years from now. People tend to keep their diaries forever. Who knows maybe you can save it for your future daughter to read when she’s of age.


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Mykalah Woodson

Georgia Southern

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