Avengers Endgame: The Countdown--CA:CW, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man

Civil War is a movie that tears my Marvel heart in two. It seems impossible to choose between the man who started it all and my number one favorite, but when the time came down to it, I was Team Cap all the way.

 It was interesting to see most of the Avengers back together in a film that wasn't titled the Avengers. But the fact that it wasn't titled the Avengers made the plot more obvious as the characters were at each others necks the whole film.

The action in this movie was capital I insane. With the shot of Steve stopping a helicopter with his bare hands, along with Bucky kicking a person off a motorcycle and riding it away? The best thing ever.

Not to mention the first sights we get to see of Black Panther are just as amazing as the movie that follows this one.

Speaking of, Black Panther was another film that was full circle perfect. From the sassy bodyguard and sister, as well as an awesome performance from Angela Bassett as Wakanda's queen mother.

Eric Killmonger was also a pretty well-rounded villain, as villains go at least. And the twist on his heritage was just as exciting and edge-of-your-seat as the rest of his performance as the bad guy with a chip on his shoulder. 

Doctor Strange was a trippy movie from start to finish, and even though Benedict Cumberbatch's performance was stellar, the movie wasn't as big as excitement as the Marvel films preceding it.

 While the concept was cool, the visuals were striking, and I felt like hiking up a mountain to the nearest ashram, the excitement and drama weren't as there as it usually was. 

 Spider-man Homecoming was the perfect teen superhero film to reel everyone in. If they weren't a fan of the older Marvel films, this new one was the perfect way to get them interested.

 The exact image of what Spider-Man should be, cute, dorky, and nerdy to boot, was the perfect role for newcomer Tom Holland. His trusty computer guy was just as delightful to watch as Tom was, and Zendaya's performance made me see her in a whole new light. 

It was an exhausting day of movies but tomorrow, before the Endgame, I'll update you on the last four as I continue my journey through the Marvel Universe.