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Avengers Endgame: The Countdown–The Avengers

Let's get real. The first Avengers movie is one of the best. The amount of relationship building and feelings of camaraderie went from screen to hearts and that's what made me fall in love.

 I'll admit; before The Avengers, I wasn't much of a Marvel fanatic. I had seen Iron Man once or twice and the second one only in passing, and I had never seen the first Captain America or Thor film. But when I saw The Avengers film for the first time in theaters, my life changed.

Of course, I first fell in love with Steve Rogers, in that incredibly tight white tee shirt and boxing, like a pretty damaged blond package I just had to open. But of course, the route to recruiting both Bruce and Tony was a good highlight too. Not to mention Scarlett Johannson was back as well.

But when the Avengers started to clash and work together, the witty one-liners and intense but honest tension roped me into the characters more as a team than individuals. Not to mention the threat in this film was quite literally out of this world, with Loki and the tesseract compromising Earth's planetary safety.

The added shock of a loss halfway through the film strung me along like a soap opera drama. Suddenly, I wanted to see the Avengers band together and succeed more than anyone. I was glad for the push like I was about to suit up with them.

What I didn't know then, was that the Avengers fighting in slow motion as one team was gonna be a staple in the Avengers films. But even then, it really hit me some type of way. I was inspired, I was strong, and more importantly, I was a hero.

To put the icing on the cake, the iconic shot of the Avengers towering over Loki with the infamous Avengers theme playing in the background is an image I want to be tattooed on my brain. And of course, we can't forget schwarma.

Overall, The First Avengers film is the beginnings of the glue that holds our favorite heroes together. It's a solid film from beginning to end and takes everyone on a journey of discovery and justice. Oh, and aliens. Until next time....

Taylor Dunn

Georgia Southern '21

My name is Taylor Dunn, and I'm a sophomore at Georgia Southern University. I'm a multimedia journalism major and passionate about TV and movies, including Marvel, Disney, and Game of Thrones. I have two furry best friends named Duke and Koda and I love peanut butter and jelly.
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