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7 Things You Should Totally do When Your Home Alone

Everyone’s had that moment when they sit down and realize, there is nothing to do, and your all alone. So…what do you do? Everybody has their own personal list of things that keep them sane and happy in the face of board loneliness.


Clean- Okay so this is my least favorite one, but it is necessary to mention. You gotta do it, and everybody has something that could be a little tidier. Be it your room, or you kitchen or the fridge, or your closet. It’s productive and goes under that ‘your-gonna-have-to-do-it-eventually-might-as-well-get-in-there-now’ category.  


Organize you ‘Sock’ drawer- My mama use to tell me this a lot. Now it doesn’t exactly mean organizing you sock drawer. It means get your shit together. Organize your life, make a to-do list, and get some homework done. The big rolling jumble of decisions and pathways and mountains that you keep shoving in the back of your mind, go ahead and tackle some of it. It might be scary, and tangled and jumbled, but once you map or plan of whatever that next step is it get less scary, less big and more attainable. So go on and hop to it.


Read/Write a poem-‘But I’m not a writer or a reader’ yeah I know. And I’m not asking you to write a Hemmingway here. Hell it could be Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop level. No one’s judging you, no one has to see it but you. Haiku it, sonnet it, limerick it, do whatever. As far as reading one goes once again it doesn’t have to be A Homer Epic, but really when’s the last time your read something, not class related? Don’t worry I’ll wait………….. Look, wheatear you’re writing major level or you haven’t ready anything besides the summary of the latest John Green Movie. It’s not gonna hurt anything and your mind will grow because of it. This is what we call a win-win.


Have your Own Personal Concert– You know that song that you really like, and you just kinda hum it to yourself quietly so not to bother anyone? Well, you’re alone now, your alone and now is not the time for meekness. Oh no. You belt it out like Beyoncé on tour! Why the hell not? Its fun, it’s awesome, it’s almost therapeutic!  And if your place is anything like mine, the acoustic will sound great! It could be anything from ‘We are the Champions’ to ‘Call Me Maybe’ just sing it, sing out loud and proud and off key. Go ahead reach for the Mariah note! No ones there. It’s just you and your millions of adoring make believe fans. So grab the broomstick hand and have at it!


Sock Surfing- Okay do I really need to explain this one? Socks + Hardwood floors + Lack of Friction= Good times.  Besides who said you had to be an adult when no one’s looking?


Actually do some of the things on your ‘I Should Try This Board’- I know you have one! Everyone has one! It’s might not be named that, but that’s what it is. The place where you dump all of those recipes, and DIY projects, and stuff you thought was a cool idea to try but just never really had the time. Well, you alone, and you got nothing but time one your hands now. Plus this was if you mess something up or set the kitchen on fire, your roommates won’t be there to yell at you, doooooooiiiiiiiittttt!

Watch a Terrible Movie- I know, I know, why would I waste my time? Well, go anything else to do? I thought not! So go ahead. Turn on Netflix and find those 2-star movies, with horrible CGI, writing that makes you doubt humanity and acting so stiff cardboard is more interesting. There out there and they are so wonderfully terrible. My favorite would be Sharknado or anything with Arnold Schwinger. There is something wonderfully awesome about watching a movie that’s supposed to be serious and laughing your ass off at it. You don’t have to think or engage or anything, you can yell at the screen, you can make a drinking game out of it, you can live tweet it. it matters not. Just lower your standards and enjoy it!

So there it is my top 7 things to do when you’re at home alone. This is totally my personal list I know you guys have your own thing you do. So comment and tell me what the are!



Just a writter in collage, addicted to the stage, making all the mistakes, and loving every minute of it!
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