7 EASY Ways to Stay Warm and STYLISH in the Winter

Ways to Stay Warm and STYLISH, As Told by a Northerner


If you haven’t realized already the weather in South Georgia has a mind of its own.  One day, it can be sunny and amazing the next day it’s below freezing and windy. If you’re not sure how to keep yourself warm and in style during these cold “bi polar,” Statesboro weather shifts here are a few tips:

1) EAT!


Start off  from the inside out.  Get your inner body warm first! They don’t call it “hot cereal” for fun; it’s meant to stick to you and keep you warm in the mornings.  Add a bit of cold milk to it so you don't have to wait as long for it to cool down.  Pair it up with a mug of your favorite hot cocoa, tea or coffee and your insides will thank you!



Invest in thermal underwear or “Long John's” put these under your clothes to avoid those bone chilling cold days.  Also if you happen to own athletic leggings they are a great alternative for thermal underwear.

Sweaters are also a great way of layering and keeping the upper body warm.  There are a wide variety of sweaters this winter to help keep you warm.  Whether you like chunky and oversized, kimonos or simple cardigans, sweater layering can make a great fashion statement.

3) Keep your ears WARM.


Don’t worry about your hair looking cute because pneumonia and ear infections are NOT cute.  Invest in crocheted headbands that have great ear coverage, beanies, (wool) hats or earmuffs; leaving your hair down is NOT enough especially on a windy day!

4) Keep your hands WARM.

Gloves are a great way to add a touch of class to your ensemble.  Not wearing gloves can lead to arthritis or frostbite in the hands.  When the temperature is around the 40's and below wear gloves.  Knit gloves are better than nothing but when it gets to be about the 30's and below lined gloves preferably leather are better. 

5) Keep your neck WARM.

Scarves are not only fabulous fashion statements but they are great for preventing sore throats and chest congestion.  Make sure your scarves cover the front of your throat.  Scarves blended with wool or cashmere are great for the cold or for an all-in-one look a turtleneck makes a great scarf alternative.



The winter is the perfect season to look classy and or cute.  You don’t need a giant puffer coat to stay warm.  If you choose a puffer make sure it has “down feathers,” You can also buy wool, suede or leather.  I would try to buy real leather or suede it’s warmer, but there are some great vegan alternatives but make sure they have really great lining.

7) Keep your feet WARM.

There is always someone on campus with UGGs and cutoffs or miniskirt on when it’s like 60 degrees.   Wear them when it’s actually necessary.  Also invest in thick socks and save the thin ankle socks for a warmer day.  

Stay warm and above all, FABULOUS!