6 Things Girls Always Mess Up

Women are the know-it-alls of our society. Everything that we do is right in someone's eyes and if you think otherwise, you're wrong. We just find it necessary to be right about everything 24/7. Except when we're wrong. Here are a few things that, not all, but most women find a way to mess up.

1. Weave


Everybody wants to stay "on fleek" but I think too many of us are watching the wrong youtube tutorial videos.

2.  Make-up

Let's try using it as an enhancer next time, instead of a mask.

3. Food

We're still young, we still have time to learn. We just need to take the time too.

4. Eyebrows 

You're basically living a life full of sin with poorly arched/threaded/waxed/drawn on eyebrows.


From nubs to chipped polished to bad acrylic/gel nails, make sure you keep it together.

6. Relationships

Sometimes we just have really poor taste in men, so in that case, just know when to leave.