5 Lessons We Can All Learn From The Lion King

This past weekend, I was able to finally watch the live-action adapatation of “The Lion King.” After not seeing the original movie in awhile, watching the new one almost made me feel as if I was watching The Lion King for the first time again. Throughout the movie I went through the entire cycle of emotions and by the end I felt inspired. As I watched, I also realized there were some very real lessons in the movie that could be applied in everyday life as well. Here are some lessons we can all learn from the Lion King:


1. Recognize your potential

When Simba ran away from his family under the impression that he was never going to come back, he was was undeniably at his lowest point in the film. Even after growing older, when he looked back to his childhood he could not bear the thought of being king the way he had dreamed about as a child. However, after Rafiki takes Simba to talk to his father, Mufasa, Simba is reminded to remember who he is. After this moment, Simba becomes revitalized and is ready to fight for his rightful place as king. Whether it be becoming a CEO, teacher, astronaut, etc, you have the potential to achieve your dreams. If you are ever feeling doubtful about that, take some time to remember who you are.



2. Change can be good

The familarity of a routine can be comforting for many and a change in that cycle can be unsettling. However, change can be a good thing. With change, comes the chance to embrace a new opportunity or experience. Routines are comfortable but to avoid becoming stagnant and continue growing as a person, change can be a necessity. Whether it be through learning a new skill or changing a step in your everyday routine, take some time to embrace change and see the positive changes that occur as a result.


3. Don’t let the past get you down

Simba goes through feelings of being guilty and defeated because of the past. However, when he decides to recognize his past actions and move on from them he becomes empowered to no longer let his past define him but instead take his place as king. If you feel that you did badly on a test, reflect on what problems you got wrong and think of solutions that will help you do better on it next time. Choosing to learn from your past mistakes can allow you to improve rather than letting your past mistakes keep you down. 


4. Be True to Yourself

Despite going miles away from home, Simba ultimately returned to Pride Lands because deep down inside he knew that was where he was meant to be. Your voice, what you believe in, your ideas, etc, are all what helps make you who you are. Hold those aspects close to you and stay true to who you are no matter what.



5. Hakuna Matata! 

Historically, “Hakuna Matata” is a popular phrase in the East African Swahili language that translates to “no trouble” or similarly “no problems.” In the film, characters Timon and Pumbaa preface the phrase, “Hakuna Matata” as meaning to have “no worries.” With the daily responsibilities many of us face in our daily routines, the phrase “Hakuna Matata” serves as a problem-free philosophy that we can all follow everyday. Taking the time to choose to worry less can lead to happier days. Hakuna Matata IS such a wonderful phrase!