4 WOC Beauty Gurus You Should Be Watching

     When I was younger, Youtube wasn’t really known for its beauty community. It was known for music videos, nail tutorials, how-to videos, braiding videos, or just funny videos that sometimes went viral (remember the Evolution of Dance and Charlie bit my finger?!). It definitely wasn’t a place I would go to if I wanted advice for my makeup! Now, I hop on Youtube everyday to look for my favorite beauty influencers to find a product that’s worth me buying. If I like the way a product looks on them, I will add it to my never-ending makeup to do list. The beauty community has significantly grown the past couple years, and Youtubers have become a new kind of celebrity! If you’re in need of some new WOC beauty gurus on your subscription list, keep reading.


  • Jackie Aina

    Aunt Jackie is literally the mother of the black makeup community. If you’re not subscribed to her, just sneak and go hit that button now (before I tell on you). In addition to making brutally honest product reviews, she often uses indie and black owned makeup brands, along with drugstore and high end products! This year, Jackie collaborated with Too Faced to extend their foundation shade range to compliment WOC. Just about ten years ago, Jackie started Youtube to encourage her darker-skinned viewers to wear bright eyeshadows and not be afraid to try out current makeup trends. This year, she earned the NAACP Youtuber of the Year award! Her videos will leave you feeling proud of whatever shade you are!

Courtesy of Instagram

  • Tiffany J

    Tiffany, known on Youtube as MakeupTiffanyJ, has amazing tutorials on her channel. Though I would never recreate any of her BOLD looks on myself, I LOVE to watch her work her magic! She has a following of about 115,000 subscribers and wears a different, beautifully made, silk turban in every video. YES, girl! Her tutorials are extremely well explained and she uses products from every price range.  Her channel makes me want to put on a full face of makeup and go strut my stuff!


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  • Nyma Tang

As soon as I discovered Nyma, I was hooked. I’m obsessed with her beautiful skin color! Tang, a South Sudanese beauty, explained that she started creating videos because she never found girls that were the same shade as her in tutorials. She wants to be an inspiration for others who are struggling to find the right products and techniques for darker skin tones. She reviews the darkest shade of makeup products and puts them to the test. She recently called out Kim Kardashian for her lack of diversity in her contour sticks. She collaborated with MAC to create a creamy, blue based red lipstick that will look perfect on our dark skinned sisters! She presents her opinions respectfully and praises all skin colors!


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  • Sydney Lilian

    I came across Sydney when I was looking for a bold eye look to recreate for a wedding. Turns out, her videos are amazing. She talks through her tutorials, with great lighting, and always has beautiful, different color combinations. Her skin radiates in her videos and she uses affordable products! Though she has a bit smaller following than the rest of the women on this list, with 103,000 subscribers, she has just as much talent! Her videos are very aesthetically pleasing and I feel very relaxed by her very calm voice!

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