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4 tips on how to get straight A’s this semester

The semester has barely started, but you already feel like you are lagging behind on homework, assignments and readings? Don’t worry, it is not too late to catch up, get ahead and rocket to academic success. 
Now, I am telling you it is not going to be easy and it is not going to be fun all the time. But it is definitely going to be worth it when the finals roll around and the semester ends.
Here is some tough love that will hopefully help you get the A’s you have always wanted.
1. Stop skipping class
If your excuse for not going to class is something like “I am too tired” or “I can’t focus today”, just stop. Yes, you can do it and yes, you will do it. Skipping class without a good excuse is just dumb and to get good grades you need to hear what the professor has to say. So go to class, girls, no matter what.
2. Do not hand in assignments late
In most cases, your grade will go down if you hand in assignments late. And for what? Because you didn’t bother to write down the due date. Or didn’t have the energy to upload your assignment to Dropbox. To prevent this from happening, use a planner, write down the due dates and hand in your assignments on time!
3. Read, read, read
Doing your readings before class, is going to help you understand the subjects discussed in class. And in the best case it makes you look smart when you have an opinion on a question the professor is asking you about.
4. Look ahead
Think about all the studying you do as a contribution to your future. If you can learn this stuff and get good grades now, you can possibly land that dream job you have always wanted. Isn’t that worth all the hours spent with books, quizzes and assignments? Yes, it is.
Do you have a study tip we should know about? Share it in the comments!
I am Minna, I'm 21 years old and I come from Finland. I will be spending the fall semester of 2015 here in Statesboro and exploring America. I love books, writing, tea, early morning workouts and being creative. In the future I hope to be a journalist in a magazine!
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