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3 tips to a fat girl when self-love isnt enough

Your are praised for your outstanding confidence and your happiness. The love you have for self is remarkable and unmeasurable, like a shield it protects you from the taunts, jabs, and laughters of those who  can not see your beauty hid by a few fat rolls. However sometimes the love you have for yourself falls short.  Their words, stares, and giggles start to hurt. When your self love fails you just remember these three things…

1.)You are beautiful

Beauty comes in all shapes and shades. Some people are so small minded they are not able to see this. Hug your curves and forget about them.

2.)You are enough

Never let anyone make you feel like you are less than enough. You were created to be who you are for a reason.  

3.)You are loved

Just because a few individuals make you feel other wise, just know that your friends and family love for you.

Continue to  spread you love, beauty, and positivity to those in your life. You are strong, beautiful, and amazing, no onee change that.


Natalie Turman

Georgia Southern '20

PR major at Georgia Southern | IG: Natalie_Turman “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
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