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3 Easy Tips For Cleaning And Minimizing Pores

Finding the right skincare routine is such an overly stressful process. Many times we spend so much money on buying a product that seems to not be effective enough for us at the moment. We result in opting out for another product instead. One thing’s for sure, if we were born with clean and clear pores that would make our life much easier.


I struggled with having such exasperating large pores. I at least switched up my skincare routine twice a month. I felt nothing was working, or maybe I was just not consistent enough. But instead of focusing on the products I were using, I tried to turn my focus on how I was cleaning my face. And by that I mean actually finding strategies that worked well for me. Certain things that work to minimize pores and keep them clear from all that dirt and gunk are exfoliating, face masks, and rinsing with cold water.






Whether you choose to exfoliate with a brush or a scrub is up to you. Exfoliating is an excellent way to clean your pores effectively. When you exfoliate you are getting rid of dead skin cells on your face and allows for new fresher skin cells to be revealed. It leaves your face feeling so soft and with a natural glow. Make sure you use a good moisturizer after you exfoliate to leave your skin nourished.




       2. FACE MASK




Face mask are key to making your skin feel so healthy. Face mask shrink large pores and tighten the skin. There are different face mask depending on your skin type. You just have to choose the right one for oily or dry skin.






Rinsing with cold water is commonly unheard of. We get the impression that after washing your face with lukewarm water  the final step is applying your moisturizer. If you rinse your face with cold water after washing your face you are closing pores that are open and ready to collect dirt and oil.


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