21 Struggles Only Northern Girls Living Down South Would Understand

Living in the North is way different from the South, obviously.  Many Northerners appreciate the foreign Southern states for their warmth and down home feelings but it wears off after you’ve been here for a while.  At first, it annoys you and then after a while you just kind of deal with your new alien planet.  Here are some of the things Northern girls experience in the South.

1.       Everyone sounds like Stinky from Hey Arnold.

Not for nothing, when I first moved to the South everyone sounded slow and I realized they don’t believe in consonants or completing words. Now, I’m used to it, but sometimes it still catches me off guard.

2.       There’s no such thing as New York pizza.

You’re not going to find it. Don't believe the lies these pizza joints tell you. Just hang it up. We don’t even get excited about it anymore we know it isn’t happening.

3.       You’ve also given up Chinese food.

4.       Everyone is like overly friendly. 

5.       You become best friends with real Northerners, not the ones who were born in the North and spent most of their lives in the South.

6.       Everyone thinks you’re from New York.

 Because everyone from up North sounds the same and therefore, obviously, is from New York.

7.       And everyone thinks everyone from New York is either from Manhattan or Brooklyn....

8.       They always ask us, "What brought you to the South?"

Ummm your cost of living is cheaper. College up North is expensive; we live like gods down here.  Do you think we would forfeit our way of life if it weren't for saving money? Absolutely not!

9.       You become that girl from whatever region from the North you are from. For example, I’m Bianca the loud, crazy girl from New York.

10.   Everyone thinks you’re insulting them but in the North, we’re just blunt. 

When I call someone annoying, mad dumb, a fool, an idiot, retarded, most of the time I mean you’re hilarious; because you’ve made me laugh.  If I’m going to insult you I’d use way better insults.   Stop being so sensitive. 

11.   Everyone says we have an accent.

12.   People think your accent is cute, sexy, or cool… Until you get pissed off.

13.   The malls suck.

14.   Girls spend a lot of money on nails and brows down here. 

That stuff is dirt cheap up North.  If I’m paying $40 for some acrylics, they better have studs, colors, gel, and my feet better have the same and my brows better be included.

15.   All the girls wear the same things and you no longer bother to look nice except on days you want to feel pretty again.

They all wear leggings, cropped tops, bodycon, shift dresses, Michael Kors, Hunter boots, Uggs, rain boots, workout clothes (when they aren’t working out), and their idea of style vs ours, are two totally different things. If you’re a Northerner you’d know.

16.   You’re too rough for their men.

Lots of Southern guys like submissive women. What’s crazy, is that a lot of Southerners don’t realize their ways, but Northern girls are quick to snap.  We have a daddy we don’t need another one.

17.   The ratchet girls are like super ratchet.

  I mean like hella ratchet, to the point that you don’t even want to be around them; it’s like hanging out with a VH1 celebrity.

18.   Southern Hospitality isn’t real.

 Honestly, most Northerners are just quick to tell someone off or not deal with them. In the South, everyone just talks behind each other’s backs and smiles to each other’s faces. Just cut people off or say what’s on your mind.

19.   Lack of diversity.

Everything is so Black, White, or Mexican or Central American, in the real Deep South that’s basically it.  The North is way more diverse; it’s nothing to see different races/ethnicities and different racial/ethnic blends.  

20.   There are a lot of pick-up trucks.  

Seriously, does no one care about conserving gas? Get a hybrid.

21.   Some people are obsessed with Confederate flags.

Has anyone told these people that they lost the Civil War and the history and time period that they obsess over was racist and based on free labor? I guess not.  That's why there are so many Trump supporters down here.