Why You Should Be Watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend

I know what you’re thinking: a show whose title makes reference to a regressive stereotype can’t possibly be worth your time. But don’t be fooled by the title and branding-- Rachel Bloom’s show “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” is nothing short of fascinating, and is truly hilarious to boot. The third season is airing right now, so there’s no better time to jump on the bandwagon. 

The story: Rebecca Bunch is a lawyer working at a prestigious New York City firm, and she’s up for a big promotion. But when she meets her teenage sweetheart on the street, her life takes a new turn as she moves to California to follow him. But as is always true on this show:

Not convinced? Here are just a few more reasons that you should add this to your Netflix list:

1.    It’s a comedy AND a musical! Even if you’re not a musical person, you’ll still be impressed with the way that the show incorporates song and comedy. 

2.    It works with feminist messaging, but in a more nuanced way than most pop culture today. In some ways, each new episode raises more questions than it answers, and it often doesn’t put the actual message right in the viewer’s face. 

3.    There’s ACTUAL bi representation! They say the word “bisexual” for real on the show! 

4.    It features great friendships—and doesn’t ignore those friendships in favor of romance. The relationships between each of the characters are the most important parts of the show itself, and it doesn’t shy away from examining lots of different combinations. 

5.    Each song is a totally different genre and style, and are honestly really catchy by themselves. If you’ve ever wanted to know songs called “Textmergency” and “I’m So Good at Yoga”, this is the place to go.

6.    Seriously, try this show: it gives you a lot to think about. Oh, and there are lines like this one: