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What to Wear When…Meeting the Parents

The day comes in every relationship when you are forced invited to meet your significant other’s parents. This moment is crucial for any couple, so no pressure or anything. On the bright side, looking presentable is already half the battle, and if your boyfriend/girlfriend gives you ample warning (unlike mine who told me as I’m walking through the door in a sweatshirt with no makeup… #thankscraig) you can easily dress to impress. The key here is to look nice without overdoing it, just enough to show you actually care and made an effort. Check out two outfit ideas for a “casual meet up” below!

Outfit 1: white button-down + jeans + ankle boots

Shirt: Banana Republic Tailored Slim Fit Bold Oxford Shirt

Jeans: rag & bone/JEAN Doheny Indigo Skinny Jeans

Boots: Madewell Zip Black Flat Boots

Outfit 2: work appropriate dress + “fashion” sneakers

Dress: Zara Dress with Layered Skirt

Sneakers: Superga x The Man Repeller Satin Classic Sneakers

Bonus Tip: Get a manicure before. Nothing says “not good enough for my son” as chipped black nails.

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