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When older people tell you that college is “the best four years of your life,” they must have forgotten the debilitating part of those years spent studying. From 8 am classes to all-nighters spent in the library, school can sure take its toll on your appearance. While your studies should take priority, of course, it is also important to take care of yourself. After all, when you look good, you feel good, and you’re not going to feel good wearing coffee-stained sweats. Check out below for 3 study-approved outfits!


Grade A

Work Type: Light. Think weekly homework.

Stress Level: Low

Outfit: Something casual but still very much put-together that you would wear out to dinner.



Sweatshirt: Kenzo Neon Font Sweatshirt

Jeans: Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Atlantic

Sneakers: Converse All Star ‘70s High Top Sneakers in Black


Grade B

Work Type: Medium. Think catching up on reading or writing an essay in advance.

Stress Level: Medium

Outfit: Pants with a zipper require too much effort at this point, so opt for athletic-chic instead.



Leggings: Lululemon Wunder Under Pant

Shirt: Athleta Women No Sweatin’ It Sharkbite Top

Sneakers: Nike Free Tr Fit 4

Scarf: Express Boucle Infinity Scarf


Grade C

Work Type: Heavy. Think major-cram sesh in the library until the wee hours.

Stress Level: High

Outfit: Comfort is key. Effort is minimal.



Leggings: Lululemon Wunder Under Pant

Sweatshirt: Any oversized college sweatshirt

Sneakers: Superga 2750 Cotu Sneakers

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