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#ThatAwkwardMoment: When your Identity is Mistaken

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgetown chapter.


Everyone has been in that really awkward situation as a little kid, when you ran up to the wrong woman in the supermarket, thinking it was actually your mother. It is scary when you are little, but when these situations happen to you as you get older, it just gets plain awkward. It could be on a small level, like waving very pleasantly at someone whom you find out is a complete stranger. However, it could also be on a bigger level, like what happened to me this weekend.

As I was out having a grand old time dancing with my friends, I felt someone touch my shoulder from behind me. Before I even had a chance to turn around, this unidentified person grabbed my waist and started dancing with me. Now this all happened very quickly, but in the seconds that follows, I was not only super confused, but also received many confused looks from my friends. In the world of going out and dancing, girls often have codes to signify whether the guy behind you is super hot, way too creepy, or just average. The looks I was given, however, signified none of these qualities. So, this random dancer slowly spun my around, only to sing directly to me for about 2 words before it hit him that I was not who he thought I was. I think it may have been the super confused look on my face that helped him realize what was going on, but he then continued singing the words, “…and you are not Saraaaaahhh.” After laughter from everyone around and a moment of gigantic awkwardness, Mr. Unidentified ventured off to find the girl who he was looking for and I regained composure. It was a quick moment, but a funny one. The next time you are misidentified, or worse, if you misidentify someone, play it off! Maybe you might meet someone new if you hang around to figure out who they actually are.

I mean hey, if things work out, that would be the cutest “How We Met” story to tell at your wedding!

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Julia Matin


Julia Matin is a senior at Georgetown University, studying English and Government. She is Vice President of Human Resources at the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, the largest student-run financial institution in the country. Her interests include writing, lacrosse, field hockey, and skiing. Julia is thrilled to be co-founding the Georgetown branch of Her Campus with Catherine Murphy!