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#ThatAwkwardMoment: When Your Guest is Bored


Every once in a while, it is a wonderful treat to get to see someone from back home. After being away at college for a couple of months, a visit from an old friend cheers you up and helps you get through the next week of studying, papers, and tests. While many people visit on specific days where there are big events, sometimes a visitor might stop by just to enjoy Georgetown. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to have two of my guy friends stop by on Thursday night. I was pretty excited, because I love Thursday nights and haven’t had a bum Thursday night in the longest time. I was sure that they were in for a great night and that they would wish they could go to Georgetown (the best school on the planet!).

So, out we go laughing and catching up, only to find that the usual happenings were, for the first time in what felt like forever, were NOT HAPPENING. And my guy friends did not seem too pleased that I literally could not think of anything else to do. My two friends were BORED. They, of course, claimed that they were fine, but I knew that wandering the oh-so-lovely streets of Georgetown was not exactly what they had in mind for their evening. Eventually, a plan was concocted, and they did not head home without having experienced a little Georgetown fun, but there was a long chunk of time when my friends were bored and it was all up to me to find some fun. It is so awkward that I spent all week telling them how much fun they were going to have only to have them have about a third of the amount of fun that I had originally planned. The only advice I can give is to learn from me (as I hope you have been doing with all of my previous articles) is do not overexcite any incoming guests. If you do not have 100% for sure plans, explain to your friends that you are going to look for fun, but there is a possibility that you may just end up having a calm night. It might save you some incredibly awkward moments of, “Oh well I mean we could go… or I guess we could….” Everybody wants to impress their friends, so prepare well, so your guests can have much more fun than mine did!

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