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#ThatAwkwardMoment When You Break Out in Hives at Yates

It is never a dull day in my world. This past week I was lucky enough to have my first ever experience of breaking out in hives. However, it happened while I was running at the gym. Of course I could not get hives in the comfort of my own home. No, I decided it was appropriate to get hives in Yates. I was running, listening to my music, and doing the typical workout stuff when my armpits got itchy. I chalked it up to having recently shaved and continued on. Then, I was using the weight machines and I felt like I had something in my eye. I still did not think anything of it and finished up my workout. I went over to put on my sweats, still with itchy armpits and an itchy eye, and as I put on my sweatshirt happened to feel my neck, which was covered in bumps. I finally became concerned and looked at my wrist, only to find that I was totally covered in hives.

This is where you need to really picture things in your mind. I am in sweats, covered in sweat, my face and hands are literally covered in huge, raised, red blotches, and to top it all off my eye is totally shut. Considering I have never had hives before, I thought the next step was for my throat to close up and for me to get rushed to the hospital. I ran up to the poor kid who sits at the swipe in desk at yates all scary looking and practically shouted at him, “DO YOU HAVE ANY BENADRYL OR A MED KIT OR SOMETHING!?” He informed me that he did not and I then informed him that that was fine and that I would “make a run for it.” This seemed to concern that kid a lot, but off I ran out of Yates looking like some kind of candy-cane-colored cyclops.

I decided that I would get home as fast as possible and have my roommates waiting for me with Benadryl. I called the roommates to inform them about what was happening and hurried home. I was en route from Yates to my apartment trying to think about what could have possibly caused me to get hives. I had no possible solutions so I figured it had to be something about my clothes. Due to this genius decision as to what caused my hives, I burst into my apartment popped the Benadryl and completely stripped down in my living room. Mind you, my living room has two big doors that do not have shades on them AND it was nighttime AND we had the lights on. So I am standing butt naked in my living room freaking out and probably flashing many people as they walked by. My roommates were also taken aback and decided that maybe I should get in the shower. Thank god for pre-med roommates.

I actually turned out to be totally fine and I have no idea what caused the hives. I ran around Georgetown looking like a freaky cyclops, scared the kid at the Yates desk, scared my roommates, and possibly flashed many innocent passer-byers. I mean on the bright side my throat did not close and I did not end up in the ER. In case I flashed you/ran by you flailing, I am sorry, but what can I say I live an awkward life!

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